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Procedures for Reporting Sexual Misconduct

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Procedures for Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Victim's Assistance

Anyone wishing to report an allegation of sexual misconduct by a clergy member or any Diocesan Employee  should contact the local authority, i.e. Police or Sheriff department and the Chancellor for the Diocese of Oakland:

Mr. Stephen A. Wilcox
Victims Assistance Coordinator

Diocese of Oakland
2121 Harrison St., Suite 100
Oakland, California 94612-3778
(510) 267-8334

Survivor Advocacy
(510) 267-8373

The Diocese of Oakland uses the following procedures as part of its pastoral response to these allegations:

  • The Diocese of Oakland will respond promptly (within 24 hours) to all allegations of clerical sexual misconduct.If the report has not been made to the local authority the Diocese will assist the victim in making such a report.
  • The first concern of the Diocese is to offer immediate and appropriate care to victims and their families.
  • The Diocese of Oakland recognizes the severe harm to the spiritual and emotional well being of victims and their families and commits itself to reconciliation and healing.
  • In all cases, past and present, alleging sexual misconduct involving minors, the priest will be placed immediately on administrative leave and the Diocese of Oakland will comply with the obligations of civil law as regards reporting of the incident to legal authorities and cooperating with the investigation.
  • In cases not involving minors, the Diocese of Oakland will take immediate and appropriate steps to respond to victims compassionately and justly. If an allegation is supported by sufficient evidence the offending priest will be relieved from his ministerial duties and referred for medical evaluation and intervention.
  • The Diocese of Oakland values open communication and dialogue with the community concerning clerical sexual abuse within the confines of respect for the privacy of the individuals involved.
  • Any person who desires to report allegations of Sexual Abuse by Clergy needs to contact the Police of Sheriff's Department and the Chancellor.